Client Testimonials

“In Unlocking Potential, Michael Simpson does more than just deliver a primer on impactful and effective inquiry-based coaching based on trust. He offers a comprehensive process for the modern leader with tested approaches for strategic planning, execution excellence, performance management, and talent development based on experience working with hundreds of leaders. I am grateful to say that I have benefited from Michael’s coaching over the years with tremendous impact on both my personal and professional lives.”

“Michael Simpson´s book Unlocking Potential, is packed with interesting insights, valuable suggestions, and enlightening examples for today’s most compelling business leaders as a coach to deal with complex workplace challenges. Michael offers a collection of fresh, practical, and transformational coaching models and powerful coaching questions for anyone to effectively coach others in our Knowledge Age society.”

“We have utilized Michael as a consultant and coach for a number of years. His book, Unlocking Potential, serves as an insightful and practical guide for coaching at all levels of any organization. He clearly articulates what it means to be a great coach. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your amazing insights and experiences in this book. I recommend it to anyone who is trying to help their teams and organizations reach their potential.”


“It’s easy for me to endorse Unlocking Potential, as it resonates so strongly with my experiences as a leadership coach and consultant. It is troubling to observe that many capable people are performing well below their ability because they either are afraid to engage in open dialogue with their leaders or their leaders are unwilling to have enabling conversations with them about discovering and developing their potential. Michael beautifully illustrates powerful principles and practices with real-life examples. Most importantly, he emphasizes how important it is to address the whole person, rather than simply focusing on one aspect of a person’s life. Any leader who reads Michael’s book will clearly understand the potential power they have to significantly enable others’ effectiveness as well as to unlock and increase their own personal potential.” ”

“When I read Michael’s coaching book Unlocking Potential, I immediately saw very specific areas where I could take my leadership capabilities to the next level. Thank you…for your coaching insights, tools, and powerful coaching questions that will help me to more fully engage my people’s potential.”

Gordon Hwang

“This is the best coaching text book for general management! Managing people is situational as “one suit does not fit all people.” This book puts a clear coaching process in place to bring clarity to the complexities of management and how to best influence high performing teams.”

NCH Corporation

“Whether you like it or not – if you are a leader, you ARE a coach. Those you lead are absorbing and being influenced by your weaknesses as well as your strengths. This solid, principled and practical book will help you do it intentionally, skillfully, and transformatively. Make Unlocking Potential your most treasured management guide.”

Joseph Grenny

“Michael Simpson has done it! He has written the definitive guide on coaching for today’s leaders. Unlock Potential is clearly the right coaching book at the right time for any manager or leader. Michael simultaneously offers deep insights along with very practical coaching tools for leaders to develop the right mindset and skills to help engage their teams and transform their organization. Above all, this book will help you find your personal greatness — and then will lead you to help others find theirs. This is what Michael was meant to do. I give this wonderful book my highest possible recommendation.”

Stephen M. R. Covey

“Michael Simpson’s Unlocking Potential is a skillfully written treatise about how you can be a great coach. Follow Michael’s advice in this great book. He’ll give you guidance on holding coaching conversations with individuals, teams, and organizations, and offers great skills in listening carefully, asking powerful questions, and fully committing to helping them succeed.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

“Our 2011 market share changed 25% nationally and 2011 profitability was up 19%… the new intense focus and accountability of our people just cannot be measured in dollars.”

Whirlpool Corporation

“We were very delighted with our spa results… For the first time in over 6 years, the spa exceeded budget (very difficult in our Marriott world!), we exceeded our Wildly Important Goal for spa treatment increase and… The owner reps were actually smiling at me this last visit and they are so happy.”

Marriott Hotel

“My coaching relationship with Michael was truly transformational.”

Atlanta Falcons

“He helped me gain clarity and perspectives both personally and professionally that was invaluable.”

Atlanta Falcons

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